09/13/18, Thursday:: The Mermaid Inn, 8 PM, Honky Tonk night, with special guests Jim Callan and Smilin' Ed Kramer
    7673 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118
    (215) 247-9797
    10/05/18, Friday:: Philadelphia Brewing Co., 7-9 PM
    2440 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19125
    (215) 427-2739
    11/01/18, Thursday:: The Mermaid Inn, 8 PM
    7673 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118
    (215) 247-9797

The Band

These are best guys, lots of folks are saying it. Millions of people. The best guys.

Chuck Brenna, bass, charisma

Chuck's musical history includes gigs with Philly-based band Duck Tape at CBGB's and the Stone Pony, opening for renowned acts such as the Ramones, Fishbone, Johnny's Dance Band and the Art of Noise. Chuck has always played a wide variety of music such as classic rock, punk, bluegrass, singer-songwriter material and country. Chuck has written and co-written original songs with The Edge Hill Rounders.

Tim Cheney, mandolin, vocals, shirts

Tim began playing mandolin as a teenager in South Carolina. After playing guitar in country bands such as The Beer Chasers and rock bands such as Glenside Gamblers, he has returned to his musical roots. Tim has written and co-written original songs with The Edge Hill Rounders. Tim also plays guitar in a local Johnny Cash tribute band.

Paul Mamolou, guitar, vocals, galoot

Paul’s entire life has been full of music. He still owns the mandolin his grandfather bought when he came to the US from Greece in 1907, the year Paul was born!
He was fortunate to get a job at the legendary Main Point in Bryn Mawr, PA while attending Villanova University, where he had the opportunity to meet many of his musical inspirations including Townes Van Zandt, Robert Hunter, the Talking Heads, John Lee Hooker, Tom Rush and many more.
He left the Main Point to pursue a solo career that culminated in a cross country tour that included gigs in Boulder CO, the Seattle Center, Victoria BC and numerous gigs on the Pacific coast from Mill Valley to LA.
After that tour, he retired to a life of corporate suburban tranquility, but the call of music in his soul could not be silenced.
Paul is honored to be involved with musicians of the caliber of Chuck, Marc and Tim and enjoys every opportunity to create music with them in the Edge Hill Rounders. Paul has written and co-written original songs with The Edge Hill Rounders.

Marc Sugarman, percussion, amazing shit

Marc is a Northeast Philly native who began drumming on desks in elementary school. His teachers told him to stop … and, well, he didn’t. In college Marc performed with the Joint Dragon Travel Agency, and after taking time off to raise a family, he joined the blues jam band The Juggs. While exploring his acoustic roots with the Edge Hill Rounders, Marc also drums for the Grateful Dead-inspired group Laughing Water. He plays a custom kit created by Bucks County Drum Co.


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Our Music

You can find (and purchase!) songs from our first EP on Spotify, iTunes and   CDBABY



Recorded live 06/13/15 at The In & Out of The Garden We Go Festival, Morrisville, PA:

Video courtesy of TriTonix


An original, recorded on a crude device

"Eastern Line"

"Cold Rain and Snow > I Know You Rider recorded live at the In and Out of the Garden Festival, 2017 at Snipes Farm"

Electronical Press Kit

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